Wadden Sea Day 2018

Wadden Sea World Heritage Visitor Centre Wilhelmshaven

The 2018 Wadden Sea Day will highlight the role of sediment dynamics in the Wadden Sea, which is one of the intrinsic properties of the ecosystem. One criterion, for which UNESCO designated the site as World Heritage, are the highly dynamic natural processes. They run uninterrupted across most of the property, creating a variety of different barrier islands, channels, flats, gullies, saltmarshes and other coastal and sedimentary features. Furthermore, its geological and geomorphologic features are closely entwined with biophysical processes and provide an invaluable record of the ongoing dynamic adaptation of coastal environments to global change.

In addition to natural processes, today’s Wadden Sea ecosystem is also shaped by human impacts on sediment dynamics, such as coastal protection measures, dredging of shipping lanes and dumping of sediments. These activities have impacts on geological as well as ecological processes. This year’s Wadden Sea Day will offer the opportunity to gather new information, recommendations on further research, and management activities, relating sediment management to nature protection of the Wadden Sea ecosystem.

Invited are policy-makers, conservation managers, scientists and non-governmental organizations working in the field. The draft programme can be viewed here.
Please be aware that the number of participants will be limited to 100 people.

Registration is open until 20 August 2018. Please register per email to
Ms Susanne Berndt
Nationalparkverwaltung Niedersächsisches Wattenmeer
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