The Future of the Wadden Sea Flyway Initiative Part 2

This report proposes ten projects suitable for taking forward the objectives of WSFI. The activities in the 2014 Plan of Action evaluated and prioritized in Part One of this Concept have been further prioritized using more explicit criteria. The resulting ten projects depend on a fund-raising strategy and a communication plan and rely on cooperation and partnerships with a wide variety of stakeholders. This approach will multiply the available funding and bring greater coherence to conservation efforts on the East Atlantic Flyway. The role of WSFI was
initiated, and has been guided by, criteria set when the International Wadden Sea was nominated as a World Heritage Site. This role is often to facilitate and stimulate activities among a group of partners, but there are some activities where WSFI will take the lead itself, and possibly support or undertake activities on the ground. The emphasis throughout is on projects that will benefit from long-term funding, and result in solid conservation action for sites, species and people throughout the flyway.