TMAP Results - QSR

At regular intervals, the Trilateral Monitoring and Assessment Group issues assessment reports of the Wadden Sea, related to the Trilateral Governmental Conferences.

 The reports:

  • describe and evaluate the current ecological status of the Wadden Sea,
  • identify changes in this status and their possible causes,
  • identify issues of concern and indicate possible measures of redress, including evaluation of the likely effectiveness of these measures,
  • identify gaps in knowledge.

The latest assessment report, Quality Status Report (QSR), was issued in 2009. All the TMAP reports can be found here.

Quality Status Report 2009

No. Report Author(s)
1 Introduction CWSS
2 Landscape and Culture CWSS
3 Human activities:  
3.1 Coastal Defense Hofstede / CPSL group
3.2 Harbors & Shipping Butt / Wright / Vigar
3.3 Fishery Nehls et al.
3.4 Tourism Brandt / Wollesen
3.5 Military activities Marencic / Nehring
3.6 Energy: Oil, gas, wind energy Nehls, Witte
3.7 Extraction / Dredging Nehls Witte
3.8 Marine Litter Fleet, van Franeker, Dagevos, Hougee
4 Climate  
4.1 Climate change Oost, Kabat, Wiersma & Hofstede
4.2 Consequences of climate change to   the ecosystem Philippart, Epping
5 Hazardous Substances:  
5.1 Heavy metal, xenobiotics Joop Bakker / CWSS
5.2 Contaminants in bird Eggs Peter Becker
5.3 Oil pollution and seabirds Camphuysen et al.
6 Eutrophication Beusekom et al.
7 Alien Species Nehring / Reise / Dankers / Kristensen
8 Salt Marshes Esselink / Petersen / TMAP salt marsh group
9-14 Tidal Area:  
9 Geomorphology Wiersma, Oost, van der Berg, Vos, de Vries
10 Macrozoobenthos van der Graaf, de Vlas, Herlyn, Voss,  Madsen Heyer, Drent
11 Beds of blue mussels and Pacific oysters Nehls / Blue mussel group / IMARES
12 Seagrass S. van der Graaf / seagrass group
13 Subtidal habitats, Sabellaria Vorberg / Frouke Fey / J. Jansen
14 Fish Jager, Bolle,  Neudecker,  Diederichs, Vorberg,  Scholle
15 Beaches and Dunes Lammerts / Petersen / Hochkirch
16 Estuaries Schuchardt / Scholle
17 Offshore Area Garthe / Leopold / Laursen
18 Breeding Birds Koffijberg / JMBB
19 Migratory Birds Laursen / JMMB
20 Marine Mammals Reijnders / TSEG
  The Wadden Sea Quality Status Report - Synthesis Report 2010     Wim J. Wolff, Jan P. Bakker, Karsten Laursen, Karsten Reise, 2010.Wadden Sea Ecosystem No. 29. Common Wadden Sea Secretariat, Wilhelmshaven, Germany, page 25 - 74