The thematic report no. 4 on Climate as part of the Quality Status Report 2009 (QSR 2009) provides an overview on recent climate change developments and possible consequences for the ecosystem of the Wadden Sea. This status review includes aspects of general and local climate effects and induced changes in geomorphology and ecology.

From the QSR 2009, thematic report 4.2, Consequences of climate change to the ecosystem:

Climate change may stress the present structure and functioning of the food web and may result in a cascade of yet unknown effects. For example, the response of organisms and of the ecosystem as a whole may not only depend on these absolute shifts in temperature, but on the phasing of the new temperature regimen (tidally, daily and seasonally) with other key variables as well. Extreme scenarios involve major changes in the present balance between the surface of tidal and subtidal areas, between autotrophy and heterotrophy, between pelagic and benthic production, and between import and export of energy and matter. These shifts in ecosystem functioning will inevitably have consequences for possibilities and limits of sustainable use and for the protection of natural ecosystems and their services. For the Wadden Sea, we envision the following possible developments. [….read more]

Quality Status Report 2009:    Thematic Report 4.1 Climate Change (Oost et al.)
                                                   Thematic Report 4.2 Climate Change and Ecology
                                                          (Philippart & Epping)
Quality Status Report 2004     Chapter 3: Climate (Oost et al.)