Flyway animation available for download

The lively, exiting and entertaining movie visualizes how migratory birds rely on the East Atlantic Flyway. The compact animation follows migratory birds on their annual cycle between Arctic and Africa, shows the threats to birds and habitats and the importance to protect and manage the flyway for governments, science, civil society and NGOs.

The movie can be used by schools, information centres, bird related websites and for all other migratory bird protection purposes. It is available in six languages which are important along the East Atlantic Flyway. The MP4 format of the movies is very compact and allows streaming on the Internet.

Language Download approx 25Mb
English flyway_animation_en.mp4
German flyway_animation_ger.mp4
Dutch flyway_animation_nl.mp4
Danish flyway_animation_dk.mp4
French flyway_animation_fr.mp4
Portuguese flyway_animation_pt.mp4

The flyway animation has been developed in the framework of the Wadden Sea Flyway Initiative (WSFI) for the 12th Trilateral Governmental Conference in Tønder, Denmark. Many thanks to these organisations, which made the animation and the dubbing in 6 languages possible.