Wadden Sea World Heritage cooperates with Korea

Since 2009, the Korea and the Wadden Sea work together to enhance the protection of tidal flats worldwide and to exchange experiences in mangement, monitoring, research and environmental education.

On 8 October 2114, this Memorandum of Understanding between Korea and the Wadden Sea was presented at the 12th Conference of the Convention of Biodiversity (CBD) in Korea. In seven presentations, the over 60 participants of the event were informed about the Wadden Sea and Korea and discussed future steps for protection of the areas.

Both areas, the Dutch-German-Danish Wadden Sea and the tidal flats in the Yellow Sea (China, Korea) are the most important tidal flat areas worldwide and an indispensible turntable for migratory birds on their flyway from Austalia or Africa to their breeding grounds in the Arctic.

Because the Yellow Sea coast is still under high pressure from land reclamation and habitat loss, further actions are needed to convince the governments to protect these habitats.

The Wadden Sea experts also participated at a side of the 'East-Asian Australasian Flyway Partnership Project' (EAAFP) which is similar to the "Wadden Sea Flyway Initiative" both aiming at strenthening the cooperation on the protection of migratory birds.

More about the MoU and the cooperation with Korea here.



Prior the CBD Conference, four representatives from the Wadden Sea information centres and the International Wadden Sea School participated at an education workshop organized by the Korean info centres and financed by the EcoHorizon Institute. In presentations, field visits and hands-on exercises, the participants learnt about the various concept including application of Wadden Sea education material for Korean tidal flats, succh as the IWSS migratory bird game (see photo).