Breeding birds still at risk

Trends of Breeding Birds in the Wadden Sea 1991-2013
WADDEN SEA ECOSYSTEM No. 35. Progress Report.

Photo: Klaus Jahnke

The progress report shows trends in the mean annual population size and trends in the Wadden Sea and the four regions Denmark, Schleswig-Holstein, Lower Saxony and the Netherlands. For the first time, trends in the numbers of breeding birds in seven regions of the Wadden Sea were also calculated. Together with the trends status of species in different breeding habitats and of species differing in food choice, fact sheets of 26 breeding bird species and an overview on the status of seven rare species, this progress report gives the most comprehensive overview on breeding birds in the international Wadden Sea.

Trend 21 years 10 years
strong increase 5 1
moderate increase 2 3
stable 2 3
moderate decrease 15 11
strong decrease 0 1
uncertain 2 7
data do not allow trend analysis 0 0

Long- and short term trends in numbers of breeding bird species in the Wadden Sea

The report contains:

  • Overview of methods
  • Mean annual population changes in the last 21 years
  • Overview of regional and trilateral trends (21-year and 10-year trends)
  • Trends in seven regions of the Wadden Sea
  • Trend status with regard to breeding habitats and food choice
  • Fact sheets for 26 breeding bird species
  • Total counts of seven rare species
  • References, maps and information on census areas

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