42nd Meeting of the Wadden Sea Board (WSB 42)

Held in Wilhelmshaven (D) on 23 November 2023.

WSB 42 Summary Record


Meeting documents

Also available in the "Document library" (Archive)

Document Number Document Upload date
WSB 42/2 WSB 42 Draft Annotated Agenda annexed to above record
WSB 42/3 WSB 41 summary record 23/11/2023
WSB 42/4 CWSS Announcements 01/11/2023
WSB 42/5.1 State of Conservation of the Wadden Sea World Heritage sent by e-mail
WSB 42/5.2/1 Activities report of the Ad hoc Working Group Cables and Pipelines 17/11/2023
WSB 42/5.3/1 Wadden Sea World Heritage Brand 01/11/2023
WSB 42/5.3/2 Annual progress report on the status of SIMPlementation 01/11/2023
WSB 42/5.3/3 Tentative scope of the TWSC communication strategy 01/11/2023
WSB 42/6.1/1 Proposal Trilateral Groups sent by e-mail
WSB 42/6.1/2 Proposal WSB Performance sent by e-mail
WSB 42/6.2 draft TWSC Business Plan sent by e-mail
WSB 42/6.3 Danish Priority Programme 13/11/2023
WSB 42/7/1 Wadden Sea Forum Society Closure 01/11/2023
WSB 42/7/2 Wadden Sea Forum – Sediment Management Project 01/11/2023
  Farewell speech of Janne Liburd, delivered at the WSB42 dinner